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Sanctuary - Inception (2017)
Groove Metal, Progressive Metal
Sanctuary - Inception (2017)
February 24th, 2017
Track list:
1. Dream of the Incubus
2. Die for My Sins
3. Soldiers of Steel
4. Death Rider / Third War
5. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)
6. Ascension to Destiny
7. Battle Angels
8. I Am Insane
9. Veil of Disguise

A group of "Sanctuary" was founded in 1985 several young men from Seattle, dreams at that time metal. The originators of the project were guitarists lenny Rutledge and Sean Blosl, bassist Jim Sheppard and drummer Dave Budbill, and after a while they from the other small-town teams, "Serpent's Knight" led by vocalist Warrel Dane. Having serious ambitions, the guys did not tighten with the probe and in 1986, recorded a demo, the style of which was somewhere in the middle between American and British metal. The tape dragged his friend with the student radio station, and he did for "Sanctuary" possible promotion, charging their songs on the air every Sunday. However, in more serious cases, when in Seattle visit came unexpectedly, "Megadeth", and Rutledge brazenly met Dave Mustaine.

Surprisingly, wayward guitarist was in a good mood, and lenny not only drank with his idol, but also lectured him on listening to the tape. Moreover, Mustaine was under the impression from the probe and therefore decided to supervise "Sanctuary".

the sanctuary of First Dave helped arrange a contract with "Epic Records", and then produced the debut album and played a guest solo on it in kavere "Jefferson Airplane" "White Rabbit" and later "Megadeth" took the group on tour, teaching newcomers the tricks of the tour. Filling "Refuge Denied" consisted of a mixture of traditional heavy metal, early power metal and thrash, but these nuances were not particularly important because all the attention was dragged to a Dane. His bursting up the voice with wide vibrato as a starting point in almost all songs, and then it was almost no matter the team plays in fast or mid-tempo or slow song plays. The most famous was the opener "Battle Angels", but by and large was also of interest to the aforementioned "White Rabbit" and the final ballad "Veil Of Disguise".

At the end of the promotional rounds, the team once again stuck in the Studio, but this time without Mustaine, who have enough worries in "Megadeth". Produced by Howard Benson "Into The Mirror Black" showed a maturing of the group's sound has become darker, but at the same time more pure.

sanctuary Performing the same power-thrash, Sanctuary added a bit of progressive, a La "Fates Warning", and the vocals of Warrel equal rights with the instrumental parts, and it turned out to not be so protruding. The CD was released first in Europe, and only the next year saw the release of the American version. The album had good reviews and also sold well, but soon the music the fashion has changed, and the label began to put pressure on the team to refocus on grunge. Interference from the top has led to internal conflict, and soon after the place Sean got Jeff Loomis, the band split, and its ruins were formed the project "Nevermore". The new team was more successful, however, by the end of the zero its activities subsided.

In 2010, Dane, Sheppard, Rutledge and Budbill conducted a series of reunion concerts, but because those performances were in demand, the team not only continued to play live, but in 2014 dumped on the market the album "The Year The Sun Died". And while many fans were expecting this opus look forward to, for many, it was disappointing because little were resembled to the previous work, and if caused some associations, the more likely the "Nevermore," not early "Sanctuary".

Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignaty (2017)
Death Metal
Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignaty (2017)
February 3rd, 2017
Track list:

1. Intro - They Grow Inside
2. Coincidence of Opposites
3. Bereavement of Flesh
4. Primordial Malignaty
5. Merciless Watcher
6. Clockwise Metamorphosis
7. Twisted Trial
8. Vernal Grace - Outro

Bloodbound - War of Dragons (2017)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Bloodbound - War of Dragons (2017)
February 24th, 2017
Track list:
1. A New Era Begins
2. Battle in the Sky
3. Tears of a Dragonheart
4. War of Dragons
5. Silver Wings
6. Stand and Fight
7. King of Swords
8. Fallen Heroes
9. Guardians at Heaven's Gate
10. Symphony Satana
11. Starfall

12. Dragons Are Forever
The Cold View - Wounds (2017)
Funeral Doom Metal
The Cold View - Wounds (2017)
February 1st, 2017
Track list:
1. Wounds I - Hemostasis
2. Wounds II - Inflammation
3. Wounds III - Proliferation
4. Wounds IV - Epithelialization
5. Wounds V - Scarring
6. Wounds VI - Maturation

Avenford - New Beginning (2017)
Power Metal
Avenford - New Beginning (2017)
December 27th, 2017
Track list:
1. Dead or Alive
2. Back in Time
3. Assassin
4. Fury Road
5. Maze of Visions
6. New Beginning
7. Overlord
8. Dark Angel
9. Mask
10. Return from the Land of Emeralds
11. Unholy Game

Habitual Sins - Personal Demons (2017)
Heavy Metal
Habitual Sins - Personal Demons (2017)
January 20th, 2017
Track list:
1. Ravens
2. The Djinn
3. Far Beyond Hades
4. Watch The Fire Rise
5. The Prince Of Wallachia
6. Kiss Of Shame
7. I Pray For You
8. Forever Be Tormented
9. Down Here In Sodom
10. When The Inquisition Calls
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Conquest Of The Seven Seas (2016)
Folk Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Conquest
December 17th, 2016
Track list:
1. On The Shores
2. Conquest Of The Seven Seas
3. Storm On The Waves
4. The Island Of Wonders
5. Sirens From The Deep
6. A Drink For The Sailors
7. The Dark Ship
8. At The Gates Of Abyss
9. The Underwater Kingdom
10. To New Horizons

Melodic Death Metal
The Duskfall - The Everlasting Shadows
Power Metal
ARDA- the Northern cross (2016)
Track list:
Sea of vanishing times

About wanderings eternal and about the earth

About wanderings eternal and about the earth

Where the land becomes the sea

Sea of vanishing times

Where the land becomes the sea

Sea of vanishing times

Sea of vanishing times

Where the land becomes the sea

In the sky

The exorcist

Where the land becomes the sea

About wanderings eternal and about the earth

Sea of vanishing times

About wanderings eternal and about the earth 2:52


About wanderings eternal and about the earth

As you already know, in late autumn 2016, the ARDA team is planning to release a new, long-awaited, powerful album, and offers all fans of honest music to contribute to this landmark event! The record came to an end, and we are on the threshold of the most important stages: information, and post-production.

Our goal is to make it so that in 20 years people enjoyed listening to the material, saying that it was really cool. We know that many of those who share our love for metal music, really looking forward to our new album, and to bring the release date by the end of November 2016 of the year, ARDA offers to unite efforts!

Our items is exclusive and we will gladly share them with You! In turn, ARDA guarantee you that you will hear serious, real and uncompromising album that will not disappoint!
Immediately after the release we go on a big tour, and you will have a unique opportunity to hear the new songs live in many cities of our vast country!
Bees - Misanthropy (2016)
Gothic Metal, Industrial
Bees - Misanthropy (2016)
Track list:
"Bees" Moscow band, whose music is folk-oriented, combined with heavy rock music.

Ukrainian period

The story began in 1993 in the Ukraine, in the city of Rivne. When Alexander Shmelev (guitar, vocals), who wrote punk songs joined Lola (vocals, guitar), who had studied at the pedagogical Institute. The initial group was called "the Rubbish Chute Road". Earlier, in 1989, Alexander Shmelev played in the youth group that existed among the students of the Rivne school # 15, his first colleagues were, in particular, Andriy Permyakov Alexey "Alex Karekin" Shevchuk. The first songs were heavily influenced by group "Civil defense" and "Auction". The group almost constantly changing. The first musicians who played with Bees since 1993, was Michael "Mike" Prosuk, Anton Reshtanenko and Igor "Proho" Proshin (died in 2005). In 1996, the group first arrives in Moscow.
The Russian period

In 1999, at the invitation of Sergei Troitsky, bumblebee and Forest (Lola Zasedateleva) finally moved to Moscow. As for the rest of the team, the invitation was not extended, the group come new musicians Vladimir "TGR" Alimin (bass guitar, ex-Yuri Antonov), Ivan Timoshenko (guitar, "Billy Schubert") and session drummer Nicholas "Robot" Bulls. At the end of 2000 to the group on a regular basis, joins the Rivne drummer Andrew "Dancer" Martynenko (2004, in "Metal Corrosion"). In 2002, Ivan and Andrey for a while leaving and in their place come the Oleg "Owl" Turtygin (guitar, "Tetraeder") and Oleg "Monster" Gorokhov (drums, "Sea"). At the end of 2002 "the Bees" come from the "Corporation of Hard Rock" and begin an independent concert activity. In 2003 "Monster" goes to sing to revive the "Sea" (in 2007 the name was changed to "Body"), the "Bumblebees" on a sessional basis, return I. Timoshenko, and A. Martynenko, but due to the deteriorating state of health, left the band V. Alamin and bumblebee takes on the function of the bass player. Over the following years, the band is experimenting with sound, bumblebee and Lola are involved in several alternative projects, in particular in cooperation with the ex-guitarist of "Tetraeder" Alan Waters'om ("Shreds", "antivirus", "Drama").

"Bees" has toured extensively throughout Russia and the CIS countries. In early 2008, together with tamtrum or groups (France) and Roman Rain, "Bees" held a large-scale tour in Ukraine and Russia (chart).

Recently, the composition of the group changes frequently. The actual composition can be viewed on the official website.

Current members

Alexander Shmelev (bumblebee) - vocals, bass, guitar, music, lyrics.
Lola Zasedateleva (Forest) - vocals, music
Vladimir Ivanov - guitar, bass
Dmitry Shkatov (Ksiron) - bagpipes, flute.
Alexey Gryzlov (Grizzly) - synthesizer
Kirill Ushakov (Glaser) - drums.

Former members

Nikolai Bykov
Ivan Tymoshenko
Oleg Turtygin
Andrey "Dancer", "Martyn" Martynenko
Mr Alimin
Andrew "Zuev" Bilash
Sergey "Karabas" Korobko


1998 TNT tales
1998 Torso
1998 Blizzard
1998 Silly books
1998 Loop of temptation
1999 Saragota tumor
1999 Vulcanization of the soul
2000 the Princess without panties
2000 Bomb shelter
2000 Power
2000 the Body
2001 Spasms rock
2001 Figures on the soul ("Shreds")
2002 Poshmele (collection, 2000 2002)
2002 Negative space
2002 Aggressive peace
2003 Full scrip (collection 1998 1999)
2003 Stop the humanity ("AntiVirus")
2004 Lust for
2004 Shadow hearts
2005 Ice
2005 old collection (1999 2001)
2005 Eight women on the rainbow ("the Bees" and Alan Waters)
2006 Button
2006 I'll get back to you
2007 cat's resentment
2008 Caramel fears
2009 M. J. W.
2010 Mechanical ballerina (project "U. L. A.")
2010 Fuel
2011 Workshop on rehabilitation of paranoid
2011 freak show
2013 a Couple of corpses
2015 White pencil
2016 Saragota tumor (reissue)
2016 Bureau of magical services (collection)
2016 16 miracles
2016 Misanthropy

Folk Metal
United kingdom
Jaldaboath - Medieval Democracy (2017)
Psychic Dose - Myrkviðr (2016)
Psychedelic Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Psychic Dose - Myrkviðr (2016)
December 21st, 2016
Track list:
1. Lycanthropic State 04:45
2. Maenad
3. Phantoms
4. The Doom of Sarnath
5. Fall of the Valkyrie 07:34
6. Myrkviðr
Tenebree - Infinito Honor de Existencia (2017)
Black Metal
Tenebree - Infinito Honor de Existencia
January 21st, 2017
Track list:
1. Sempiterna Ensoñación
2. Declaración Tenebris entre Robles y Herejes
3. Atávica Negación Austral
4. Maulina Autodeterminación
5. Segundo Canto de Aurora I
6. Natural Praise (Ancestral Cover)
7. El Infinito Honor de Existencia
8. Segundo Canto de Aurora II
Devation - Giants (2017)
Melodic Death Metal
Devation - Giants (2017)
January 13th, 2017
Track list:
1. One with the Vermin
2. Fractals
3. Aspire the Drifter
4. Ghost of Famine
5. Sieze the Throne
6. Wake Up
7. The First and the Heartless
8. Shelter Me
9. Press the Wound
10. Collect and Resist
11. Plains Await
12. Epidemic
13. Giants
14. Vibrant Closing
Cloud Catcher - Trails of Kozmic Dust (2017)
Heavy Metal, Doom Metal
Cloud Catcher - Trails of Kozmic Dust
March 11th, 2017
Track list:
1. Astral Warlord
2. Celestial Empress
3. Beyond the Electric Sun
4. Visions
5. Dimensional Interlude
6. Trails of Kozmic Dust
7. Super Acid Magick
8. Righteous Ruler 07:06
Lorn - Arrayed Claws (2017)
Black Metal
Lorn - Arrayed Claws (2017)
February 3rd, 2017
Track list:
1. Disharmonic Feticism 10:53
2. Abstract Trap 10:15
3. Toybodïm 06:09
4. Süt-aq-Köl 04:56
5. Aus Nebel Turm 06:40
Cold Body Radiation - The Orphean Lyre (2016)
Atmospheric Black Metal, Shoegaze
Cold Body Radiation - The Orphean Lyre
December 15th, 2016
Track list:
1. The Ghost Of My Things
2. Sinking Of A Wish
3. All The Little Things You Forget Are Stored In Heaven
4. At Sea
5. Orphean Lyre
6. Spiral Clouds
7. You Where Missing
8. The Forever Sun
A Sun Traverse - A Sun Traverse (2017)
Doom Metal, Death Metal
A Sun Traverse - A Sun Traverse (2017)
January 13, 2017
Track list:
1. Still Shining
2. The Meadow
3. Dance, Darkness Dance
4. The Autumn Of Fall
5. The Harvest
Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Born Again - Strike With Power (2017)
February, 2017
Alwaid - The Machine And The Beast (2017)
Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal
Alwaid - The Machine And The Beast
Depressive Black Metal
Netra - Ingrats (2016)
Extreme Metal, Progressive Metal
Loch Vostok - Strife (2017)
Doom Metal, Death Metal
Novembers Doom - Hamartia (2017)
Scuorn - Parthenope (2017)
Black Metal, Epic Metal
Scuorn - Parthenope (2017)
Track list:
1. Cenner? E Fummo
2. Fra Ciel? E Terr?
3. Virgilio Mago
4. Tarantella Nera
5. Sanghe Amaro
6. Averno
7. Sibilla Cumana
8. Sepeithos
9. Parthenope
10. Megaride

Recent albums

All albums
God Mode - Hybrid Lying Machine (2016)
Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
God Mode - Hybrid Lying Machine (2016)
Track list:
01. Genesis
02. Hybrid Lying Machine
03. So Called Sins
04. Generation-Z
05. Alienated
06. Healing Process
07. Kleptomaniac
08. 124000
09. 0100000101000100
10. Globe of Delusion

Megosh - Apostasy (2016)
Progressive Rock
Megosh - Apostasy (2016)
Track list:
1. Checkerboards & Cigarettes
2. I Stole From The Dead
3. Carrying Fire (feat. Garret Rapp)
4. Desperada
5. Waste Of Me
6. Buffalo!
7. Jackson Pollock's Portrait Of Kennedy
8. Okay, So This Song Is About You
9. Ask Your Mother
10. These Go To Eleven
11. Monsters (Electric)

12. Ice Melts
13. Leg Warmers
14. War Drums
The Blessed - Remember (2016)
Blackened Death Metal
The Blessed - Remember (2016)
Track list:
01. Children of God
02. Cross of Christ
03. Jesus Says
04. Remember (The Demons Also Believe and Shudder)
05. Wake Up
06. Salvation
07. Coming
08. Trials
09. Arise from the Dead

Monster Stupid Face - Colossal (2016)
Deathcore, Metalcore
Monster Stupid Face - Colossal (2016)
Track list:
1.The Arrival
5.Come Close
7.Dead Fall
8.Live Inside
9.Another Life
10.The Death Bell's
Sleeping Village - In the Rye (2016)
Hard Rock
Sleeping Village - In the Rye (2016)
Track list:
01. It's Written in the Harvest
02. Moonlight Dance
03. The Inner Warning
04. God's Toys
05. Idol's Twilight
06. Salem
07. Nervous Breakdown
08. Back to the Cave
09. In the Rye
10. Through the Madness
Stiffy Jones - Narrow Road Of Memories (2016)
Punk Rock
Stiffy Jones - Narrow Road Of Memories
Track list:
01. Once This Car Starts Moving... 03:24
02. Disconnect Me 02:54
03. Broken Bottles & Empty Hearts 02:40
04. Echoes 03:39
05. Drag Me Down 03:49
06. Ken Lee 02:26
07. Glasshouse 03:48
08. Last Night 03:03
09. Whatever 03:56
10. What If We Don´t 02:14
11. Shotgun 03:24
12. Circus 04:28
Vanik - Vanik (2016)
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Vanik - Vanik (2016)
Track list:
1.Deadly Pleasures
2.Fire Again!
3.One More Dose
4.The Blackest Eyes
5.Blood Sucking Lust
6.Dr. Speed
7.Midnight Ghoul
8.Eat You Alive
9.Island Of Lost Souls
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu - Where Warriors Once Dreamed A Dream (2016)
Death Metal
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu - Where Warriors Once
Track list:
1. Silence Under War Clouds
2. Into The Jaws Of Death
3. Creeping Starvation
4. Loftiness Of A Master Fencer
5. Where Warriors Once Dreamed A Dream
6. Departure Lullaby
7. Bloodstained Journey
8. Fortune Favors The Bold
9. The Endless March
10. Military Renown
11. Like A Whirlwind
12. The Unfulfilled Dream
E.B.D.B. - Choking on the Body of Christ (2016)
Brutal Death Metal
E.B.D.B. - Choking on the Body of
November 13th, 2016
Track list:
1. Intro
2. A Total Waste of Sperm
3. Whore... But Why ?!? 03:10
4. I Wish You Were Aborted 02:53
5. Choking on the Body of Christ 03:39
6. The Epic Tale about the Crowbar vs. the Jaw
7. Shotgun Selfie 01:52
8. Feeding Oscar to the Wolves
Mega Colossus - HyperGlaive (2016)
Heavy Metal
Mega Colossus - HyperGlaive (2016)
Track list:
01. Sunsword
02. Sea Of Stars
03. Gods And Demons
04. The Judge
05. Betta Master
06. Behold The Worm
07. You Died
08. Star Wranglers
Diago Hustrei - Megahell (2016)
Groove Metal, Thrash Metal
Czech Republic
Diago Hustrei - Megahell (2016)
Track list:
1. Oko Šelmy
2. Ve Vnitřnostech Supa
3. To Co Prase Zvrací
4. Roky A Svět
5. Hrdina Co Příkladem šel
6. Megaheaven
7. Sen O Zabití Makrely
8. Běží!!!
9. Provaz
Super Vintage - Welcome To Mojo Land (2016)
Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Super Vintage - Welcome To Mojo Land
Track list:
1. Southern Moon Rising
2. Delta Mud
3. Son Of Pain
4. Kiss Your Bad Feelings Goodbye
5. Still Alive
6. Let Me Be What I Want To Be
7. Rock 'n' Roll Revolution
8. Living Like A Gypsy
9. Mojo Land
10. River Of Love
11. Light Upon My Soul
Ghowl - In The Woods (2016)
Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Ghowl - In The Woods (2016)
Track list:
01. Nightmare
02. Meat
03. In The Woods
04. Mother
05. Eaten Alive
06. Into The Light
07. Burn
08. Stay
09. Dream
Metal Destroyer - Doctrinas & Rituales (2016)
Thrash Metal
Metal Destroyer - Doctrinas & Rituales
Track list:
1. Culto A La Caverna
2. Significado Fuego
3. Thrash Paliza
4. Destrucción Letal
5. Inquisición
6. Dinero: Oscuro Ritual
7. Provocacin Y Guerra
8. Reencarnación
9. Condenado A Existir
Smoking Barrelz - Smugi Graffiti Papier i Dym (2016)
Classic Rock
Smoking Barrelz - Smugi Graffiti Papier
Track list:
01. Wielkie Otwarcie
02. Instytut Zniekształcenia Słuchu
03. Tesla
04. Rozdział 1
05. Behind the Sun
06. I'm Your Man
07. Rozdział 2
08. Smugi
09. Mellovve
  -   (2016)
Folk Metal
- (2016)
Track list:
01. Prologue
02. Step Away From Freedom
03. The Word Hero
04. War Of The Worlds
05. A Bird Over The Earth
06. The City Under The Ash
07. My Land
08. The Fate Of The Meet
09. On The Edge Of The World
10. The North Wind
11. A New Day Is Coming
12. New Day Come (Live, Instrumental)

Group Land of the Winds was formed in the beginning of 2015. The genre of the group can be described as melodic Folk Metal, but in practice it's more blurry and interesting combination of styles. Land of Winds already took the 7th place out of over 300 teams at the festival Emergenza 2016.

Starving Souls - Save Our Souls (2016)
Melodic Death Metal
Starving Souls - Save Our Souls (2016)
Track list:
01. Intro/Space We Quest
02. My Sadness
03. Black Hole
04. Nightmarish Dream
05. Pyramid
06. My Deceased Friend
07. Old Man's Deep
08. Cargo 200
09. Into the Abyss
Atrito Urbano - Praga Disfarçada (2016)
Thrash Metal, Crossover
Atrito Urbano - Praga Disfarçada
Track list:
1. Olhe Em Volta
2. Praga Disfarçada
3. Sombras Do Tempo
4. Donos Do Mundo
5. Ignorância Tradicional
6. Marionete Do Medo
7. Adaptação Não é Conformismo
8. Abismo Do Orgulho (320)
9. Nossa Epidemia (320)
10. Aprendiz De Escravo (320)
11. Catástrofe (320)
Sergantis Acheron - The Solace Of Perditions Divide (2016)
Progressive Metal, Black Metal
Sergantis Acheron - The Solace Of
Track list:
1. Intro
2. In Hell
3. Fractured To Nothing
4. The Solace Of Perditions Divide
5. The Haunted
6. Not Worthy
7. In Hunger
8. Facing Where I Die
9. When I Bleed
10. I Among You
11. Outro
12. I Hide (Bonus Track)
OvO - Creatura (2016)
OvO - Creatura (2016)
Track list:
1. Satanam
2. Eternal Freak
3. Creatura
4. Matriarcale
5. Zombie Stomp
6. Buco Nero
7. Buco Bianco
8. Immondo
9. Freakout
10. Bell's Hells
11. March of the Freaks
Buckethead - Pike 236: Castle on Slunk Hill (2016)
Instrumental Rock
Buckethead - Pike 236: Castle on Slunk
Track list:
01. Corridor 1
02. Corridor 2
03. Corridor 3
04. Corridor 4
05. Corridor 5
06. Corridor 6
Nahtrunar - Existenz (2016)
Black Metal
Nahtrunar - Existenz (2016)
Track list:
01. Side A (21:54)
02. Side B (22:02)
Orange Sector - Farben (2016)
Orange Sector - Farben (2016)
Track list:
01. Farben
02. Gotter V.02
03. Heute Liebe Ich Dich
04. Ich Seh Dich Sterben
05. Farben (Club 89 Mix)
06. Gotter V.02 (Ad:Key Remix)
07. Ich Seh Dich Sterben (Immortal
08. Gotter V.03
09. Farben (Blitzmaschine Remix)
Underviewer - Wonders And Monsters (2016)
EBM, Synthpop
Underviewer - Wonders And Monsters
Track list:
01. Was Soll Ich Tun ?
02. A Minor Detail
03. Litany
04. Nobody But You
05. I Am The Rain
06. Trouble
07. Wonders & Monsters
08. What Do Tou See ?
09. Gone
10. Atomic tears
11. Syncussion
12. I Remember
13. A September Morning
14. These Days


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