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Krokus Big Rocks

Track list:
1. N.I.B. (Black Sabbath cover)
2. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover)
3. My Generation (The Who cover)
4. Wild Thing (The Troggs cover)
5. Rock'n Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)
6. The House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)
7. Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
8. Gimme Some Lovin' (Spencer Davis Group cover)
9. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover)
10. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran cover)
11. Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf cover)
12. Quinn the Eskimo (Bob Dylan cover)
13. Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones cover)
14. Back Seat Rock'n Roll

"Krokus" – veteran Swiss hard-rock that has achieved international recognition and sold over 14 million records worldwide. The group was founded in 1974 by Chris von PEP (bass, vocals) and Tommy Kiefer (guitar). The original lineup released only one album, drastically different from the future opus the art-rock direction and passed almost unnoticed. Soon after, Chris moved to the keys (and leaving the microphone), and the new team members were ex-members of the "Montezuma" Fernando von ARB (guitar), j?rg Nageli (bass) and Freddy steady (drums). Now the sound "Krokus" up, and, in addition, the group has got its own logo (both factors contributed to the promotion of top). His third album, the Swiss rockers recorded in England and, despite limited Studio time, the sound quality has improved markedly. Due to the fact that "Krokus" wanted to play as powerfully as "AC/DC", they needed a stronger vocalist. Thus, in 1978, got to the microphone mark Stores, and PEP and Nageli exchanged instruments.

This configuration recorded the disc "Metal rendezvous" was a major breakthrough in the career of "Crocuses". Using these militants as "Bedside Radio", "Heatstrokes", "Tokyo Nights" album three times crossed the platinum mark in Switzerland and also interested in British and American audiences. "Metal rendezvous" was released on "Ariola", but the previous label group, "Phonogram", wished easy money and urgently released the compilation "Early Days '75-'78". In 1981, "Krokus" secured success, issuing the album "Hardware", which contained at least three killer things: "Winning Man", "Celebration" and "Easy Rocker".

Krokus Prosvirova this work on the European charts, the musicians took up the conquest of the American market. With the new contract from "Arista Records" the Swiss released a CD "One Vice At A Time", which landed in the Top 100 overseas. The real triumph was the work of "Headhunter", the circulation of which in America alone exceeded one million copies. Many of the songs from this album became concert favorites, and the ballad "Screaming In The Night" turned out to be the most famous "Crocus"is a hit. Oddly enough, but the success did not contribute to the stabilization of structure. People came and went, and the most significant losses began firing Kythira (he later graduated from suicide) and background RERA. However, the team continued to hold and in 1984, together with Bob Rock had created another Golden (by American standards) hard rock opus "The Blitz". Unfortunately, in the future, the label in pursuit of profit has increased the pressure on musicians that had bad consequences. First, the release of the next album was too long, and secondly, the sound of the band became softer, disappointing many chromasomes. It ended in divorce, and after the release of the live album "Alive And Screaming" and the compilation "Stayed Away Allnight" command moved to "MCA".

With the return of von PEP he recorded the album "Heart Attack", but the ensuing tour was a scandal, and Stores with von Albom slammed the door. Have come to a creative dead end, the group soon fell apart, but in 1990, Fernando, with the participation of new recruits reanimated "Krokus". However, the configuration enough to record a single disk, and the next Chapter in the band's history began in the mid-90s. First he released the single "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" with a cover of "BTO" and then there is the album "To Rock Or Not To Be", who returned to the team lost morale.

Krokus the gang at that time consisted of Stores, Mani Maurer, mark Koehler and stedi. Despite the fact that the work turned out to be quite powerful and Switzerland entered into the top five, changed the musical climate did not contribute to its promotion. Case again rolled downhill, and when the next CD of Oldies in the group could only Fernando. In 2002, in the native land returned mark and the other participants at that time was Patrick Aeby (drums), Dominic Favez (guitar) and Tony Castell (bass). With fresh forces "Crocuses" rushed into battle and at once overpowered the top of the Swiss charts with one of his best albums "Rock The Block". After he released the live album "Fire And Gasoline", but the subsequent tour was crumpled due to the fact that Fernando damaged his hand. Had von Arba to retire, and his place was taken by Armand "Mandy" Meyer, who played in "Krokus" in the early 80s.

A little later there was another reshuffle, and the drums were placed under the jurisdiction of Stephen Shwarzman, which was recorded disc "Hellraiser". At home, the album reached the second step and even caught the end of "the Billboard 200" (and in fact in the American charts "crocuses" was missing since 1988). About a year later there was a restoration of the classic version of "Krokus" with both backgrounds, Storace and stedi (the fifth was Koehler), but after the release of "Hoodoo" Fred again left the team. In 2012 with the "Crocus" reunited Meyer, and in 2013-m on sale album "Dirty Dynamite" which proves the commitment of the team, the style of "AC/DC".

Krokus - Big Rocks (2017)
Release Year:
January 27th, 2017
Record label:
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Release Type:
Full album
Album Title:
Big Rocks
Compact Disc
  • Release Description
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