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Bees Misanthropy (2016)

Track list:
"Bees" Moscow band, whose music is folk-oriented, combined with heavy rock music.

Ukrainian period

The story began in 1993 in the Ukraine, in the city of Rivne. When Alexander Shmelev (guitar, vocals), who wrote punk songs joined Lola (vocals, guitar), who had studied at the pedagogical Institute. The initial group was called "the Rubbish Chute Road". Earlier, in 1989, Alexander Shmelev played in the youth group that existed among the students of the Rivne school # 15, his first colleagues were, in particular, Andriy Permyakov Alexey "Alex Karekin" Shevchuk. The first songs were heavily influenced by group "Civil defense" and "Auction". The group almost constantly changing. The first musicians who played with Bees since 1993, was Michael "Mike" Prosuk, Anton Reshtanenko and Igor "Proho" Proshin (died in 2005). In 1996, the group first arrives in Moscow.
The Russian period

In 1999, at the invitation of Sergei Troitsky, bumblebee and Forest (Lola Zasedateleva) finally moved to Moscow. As for the rest of the team, the invitation was not extended, the group come new musicians Vladimir "TGR" Alimin (bass guitar, ex-Yuri Antonov), Ivan Timoshenko (guitar, "Billy Schubert") and session drummer Nicholas "Robot" Bulls. At the end of 2000 to the group on a regular basis, joins the Rivne drummer Andrew "Dancer" Martynenko (2004, in "Metal Corrosion"). In 2002, Ivan and Andrey for a while leaving and in their place come the Oleg "Owl" Turtygin (guitar, "Tetraeder") and Oleg "Monster" Gorokhov (drums, "Sea"). At the end of 2002 "the Bees" come from the "Corporation of Hard Rock" and begin an independent concert activity. In 2003 "Monster" goes to sing to revive the "Sea" (in 2007 the name was changed to "Body"), the "Bumblebees" on a sessional basis, return I. Timoshenko, and A. Martynenko, but due to the deteriorating state of health, left the band V. Alamin and bumblebee takes on the function of the bass player. Over the following years, the band is experimenting with sound, bumblebee and Lola are involved in several alternative projects, in particular in cooperation with the ex-guitarist of "Tetraeder" Alan Waters'om ("Shreds", "antivirus", "Drama").

"Bees" has toured extensively throughout Russia and the CIS countries. In early 2008, together with tamtrum or groups (France) and Roman Rain, "Bees" held a large-scale tour in Ukraine and Russia (chart).

Recently, the composition of the group changes frequently. The actual composition can be viewed on the official website.

Current members

Alexander Shmelev (bumblebee) - vocals, bass, guitar, music, lyrics.
Lola Zasedateleva (Forest) - vocals, music
Vladimir Ivanov - guitar, bass
Dmitry Shkatov (Ksiron) - bagpipes, flute.
Alexey Gryzlov (Grizzly) - synthesizer
Kirill Ushakov (Glaser) - drums.

Former members

Nikolai Bykov
Ivan Tymoshenko
Oleg Turtygin
Andrey "Dancer", "Martyn" Martynenko
Mr Alimin
Andrew "Zuev" Bilash
Sergey "Karabas" Korobko


1998 TNT tales
1998 Torso
1998 Blizzard
1998 Silly books
1998 Loop of temptation
1999 Saragota tumor
1999 Vulcanization of the soul
2000 the Princess without panties
2000 Bomb shelter
2000 Power
2000 the Body
2001 Spasms rock
2001 Figures on the soul ("Shreds")
2002 Poshmele (collection, 2000 2002)
2002 Negative space
2002 Aggressive peace
2003 Full scrip (collection 1998 1999)
2003 Stop the humanity ("AntiVirus")
2004 Lust for
2004 Shadow hearts
2005 Ice
2005 old collection (1999 2001)
2005 Eight women on the rainbow ("the Bees" and Alan Waters)
2006 Button
2006 I'll get back to you
2007 cat's resentment
2008 Caramel fears
2009 M. J. W.
2010 Mechanical ballerina (project "U. L. A.")
2010 Fuel
2011 Workshop on rehabilitation of paranoid
2011 freak show
2013 a Couple of corpses
2015 White pencil
2016 Saragota tumor (reissue)
2016 Bureau of magical services (collection)
2016 16 miracles
2016 Misanthropy

Bees - Misanthropy (2016)
Release Year:
Gothic Metal, Industrial
Release Type:
Full album
Album Title:
Misanthropy (2016)
Compact Disc
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