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Sanctuary Inception

Track list:
1. Dream of the Incubus
2. Die for My Sins
3. Soldiers of Steel
4. Death Rider / Third War
5. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)
6. Ascension to Destiny
7. Battle Angels
8. I Am Insane
9. Veil of Disguise

A group of "Sanctuary" was founded in 1985 several young men from Seattle, dreams at that time metal. The originators of the project were guitarists lenny Rutledge and Sean Blosl, bassist Jim Sheppard and drummer Dave Budbill, and after a while they from the other small-town teams, "Serpent's Knight" led by vocalist Warrel Dane. Having serious ambitions, the guys did not tighten with the probe and in 1986, recorded a demo, the style of which was somewhere in the middle between American and British metal. The tape dragged his friend with the student radio station, and he did for "Sanctuary" possible promotion, charging their songs on the air every Sunday. However, in more serious cases, when in Seattle visit came unexpectedly, "Megadeth", and Rutledge brazenly met Dave Mustaine.

Surprisingly, wayward guitarist was in a good mood, and lenny not only drank with his idol, but also lectured him on listening to the tape. Moreover, Mustaine was under the impression from the probe and therefore decided to supervise "Sanctuary".

the sanctuary of First Dave helped arrange a contract with "Epic Records", and then produced the debut album and played a guest solo on it in kavere "Jefferson Airplane" "White Rabbit" and later "Megadeth" took the group on tour, teaching newcomers the tricks of the tour. Filling "Refuge Denied" consisted of a mixture of traditional heavy metal, early power metal and thrash, but these nuances were not particularly important because all the attention was dragged to a Dane. His bursting up the voice with wide vibrato as a starting point in almost all songs, and then it was almost no matter the team plays in fast or mid-tempo or slow song plays. The most famous was the opener "Battle Angels", but by and large was also of interest to the aforementioned "White Rabbit" and the final ballad "Veil Of Disguise".

At the end of the promotional rounds, the team once again stuck in the Studio, but this time without Mustaine, who have enough worries in "Megadeth". Produced by Howard Benson "Into The Mirror Black" showed a maturing of the group's sound has become darker, but at the same time more pure.

sanctuary Performing the same power-thrash, Sanctuary added a bit of progressive, a La "Fates Warning", and the vocals of Warrel equal rights with the instrumental parts, and it turned out to not be so protruding. The CD was released first in Europe, and only the next year saw the release of the American version. The album had good reviews and also sold well, but soon the music the fashion has changed, and the label began to put pressure on the team to refocus on grunge. Interference from the top has led to internal conflict, and soon after the place Sean got Jeff Loomis, the band split, and its ruins were formed the project "Nevermore". The new team was more successful, however, by the end of the zero its activities subsided.

In 2010, Dane, Sheppard, Rutledge and Budbill conducted a series of reunion concerts, but because those performances were in demand, the team not only continued to play live, but in 2014 dumped on the market the album "The Year The Sun Died". And while many fans were expecting this opus look forward to, for many, it was disappointing because little were resembled to the previous work, and if caused some associations, the more likely the "Nevermore," not early "Sanctuary".

Sanctuary - Inception (2017)
Release Year:
February 24th, 2017
Record label:
Groove Metal, Progressive Metal
Release Type:
Full album
Album Title:
Compact Disc
  • Release Description
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