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Gerogot - Cruelty Vomit of Hatred (2016)
Brutal Death Metal
Gerogot - Cruelty Vomit of Hatred (2016)
December 1st, 2016
Track list:
1. Intromoans of Pain
2. Rotten Flesh Barbarism
3. Ruthless Slaughter Accursed
4. Hecatomb of Repugnance
5. A Piece of Bloodstained Nipple
6. Biological Mother Unsheated
7. Cruelty Vomit of Hatred
9. Gorga Sadism

Deserted Fear - Dead Shores Rising (2017)
Death Metal
Deserted Fear - Dead Shores Rising
January 27th, 2017
Track list:
1. Intro
2. The Fall of Leaden Skies
3. The Edge of Insanity
4. Open Their Gates
5. Corrosion of Souls
6. Interlude
7. Towards Humanity
8. The Carnage
9. Face Our Destiny
10. Till the Last Drop
11. Carry On
12. A Morbid Vision
13. The Path of Sorrow
The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the Aftermath (2017)
Gothic Metal
The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the
January 27th, 2017
Track list:
1. Sleeping Giant
2. Personal Hell
3. Racing Heart
4. Cry Wolf
5. Echoes of the Aftermath
6. Flatline
7. Loud as a Whisper
8. Shining After Dark
9. Ode to Everyone
10. Go On
11. In Risk of Rain
12. Inside, Outside
Horn - Turm am Hang (2017)
Black Metal
Horn - Turm am Hang (2017)
January 27th, 2017
Track list:
1. Alles in einem Schnitt
2. Turm am Hang
3. Verhallend in Landstrichen
4. Die mit dem Bogen auf dem Kreuz
5. Ä(h)renschnitter
6. Totenräumer
7. Lanz und Spieß
8. Bastion, im Seegang tauber Fels
9. The Sky Has Not Always Been This Way
Decrepit Cadaver - Vórtice a lo macabro (2017)
Death Metal
Decrepit Cadaver - Vórtice a lo
January 25th, 2017
Track list:
1. Corrupción de la carne 03:54
2. La hecamtombe de Ammyt 03:23
3. Desmembramiento carnívoro 03:13
4. Vórtice macabro 04:12
5. Emanación pestilente de torsos putrefactos 03:41
6. Divinidad profanada 03:38
7. Degradación 02:47
Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom (2017)
Progressive Metal
Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom
January 17th, 2017
Track list:
1. Rememory 06:59
2. Alltribe 07:34
3. Therianthrope 06:29
4. Riverthane 07:24
5. Tilikum 07:48
6. I.O.T.A. 05:05
7. Hegaiamas 21:52
Spectral - Arctic Sunrise (2017)
Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Viking Metal, Power Metal
Spectral - Arctic Sunrise (2017)
January 13th, 2017
Track list:
1. Intro
2. Arctic Sunrise
3. Evil Takes Control
4. Invaders
5. Nuclear Assault
6. In Battle with Fire & Steel
7. Path of the Damned
8. Vengeance In Blood
9. Fuck Off and Die
Cloud - Indeterminate (2016)
Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Cloud - Indeterminate (2016)
November 10th, 2016
Track list:
1. Indeterminate
2. Relapse
3. Desert Weed
4. Otherworldly
5. Yggdrasil
Liv Moon - R.E.D (2016)
Symphonic Power Metal
Liv Moon - R.E.D (2016)
November 9th, 2016
Track list:
1. Lost Paradise
2. Icarus
3. Pandora
4. Eyes of Marionette
5. Crimson Rose
6. Gloria Glory

Zenobia - Alma de fuego II (2016)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Zenobia - Alma de fuego II (2016)
November 4th, 2016
Track list:

1. 100 dardos
2. Ángel negro
3. Entre tinieblas
4. El pacto
5. Corazón de hielo
6. Las arenas de Palmira
7. Mi destino
8. Militia est Vita
9. Océanos de fuego
10. Valiente
11. Si pudieras
12. Brindemos por una canción
13. Borraré tu nombre (live)
14. Mi alma es tempestad (live)
Black Candle - The Lost Light of the North (2016)
Black Metal
Black Candle - The Lost Light of the
November 11th, 2016
Track list:
1. You Are ... Nothingness
2. Leschten akt - Vereenegt geint Junger vun der Oraifaltegkeet an hire Patreiner vun de Schwaine
3. Portal in the Woods
4. In the Ghost Mountain
5. Dommedag - Oeres siste Natt
6. D?Wiese vun der Nuecht ? Wann déi wäiss Engele falen
7. Gray Ritual
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural (2017)
Indie Rock
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural (2017)
January 27th, 2017
Track list:
01. Appropriate
02. JJ
03. Nicki
04. Lelia 20
05. No Big Bang
06. Interlude
07. Nothing Feels Natural
08. Pink White House
09. Puff
10. Suck
JAWS - Simplicity (2016)
Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
United kingdom
JAWS - Simplicity (2016)
November 4rd, 2016
Track list:
01. Just A Boy
02. What We Haven't Got Yet
03. Right In Front Of Me
04. 17
05. Cast
06. Interlude
07. On The Sunshine
08. Work It Out
09. In The Morning
10. A Brief Escape From Life
11. The Invisible Sleep
Dead Eyes Always Dreaming - Celestial Genocide (2016)
Dead Eyes Always Dreaming - Celestial
December 3rd, 2016
Track list:
1. Broadcast Interference from Above (Intro)
2. Echo of Damnation
3. Nightmare Architect
4. Nightmare Architect [Live at Texas Mist]
AFI - AFI (2017)
Punk Rock
AFI - AFI (2017)
January 20th, 2017
Track list:
01. Dark Snow
02. Still A Stranger
03. Aurelia
04. Hidden Knives
05. Get Hurt
06. Above The Bridge
07. So Beneath You
08. Snow Cats
09. Dumb Kids
10. Pink Eyes
11. Feed From The Floor
12. White Offerings
13. She Speaks The Language
14. The Wind That Carries Me Away
Sepultura - Machine Messiah (2017)
Groove Metal, Thrash Metal
Sepultura - Machine Messiah (2017)
January 13th, 2017
Track list:
01. Machine Messiah
02. I Am The Enemy
03. Phantom Self
04. Alethea
05. Iceberg Dances
06. Sworn Oath
07. Resistant Parasites
08. Silent Violence
09. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God

This team from the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, whose name in Portuguese means "grave", was formed in the first half of the 80-ies. His project, the brothers Cavalera, Max (b. 4 Aug 1969; vocals, guitar) and Igor (born September 24, 1970; drums), and after a number of shuffles with them in the ranks was the lead guitarist, Jairo Guedes (guitar) and bassist Paulo Pinto Sisto Junior (or simply Paulo Jr.). First opus "Sepultura" split "Bestial Devastation", made in half with the band "shaman" appeared in 1985. The CD was poor quality and not widely spread, but on such songs as the title track and "Antichrist" can be judged on band direction (satanic death metal). In 1986 came a real full-length Studio album, "Morbid Visions". This album is stuffed with powerful riffs, included the first hit, "Troops Of Doom", which became the hymn "Sepultura" for a long time. The album gave the group national prominence and a good opportunity to prove himself on tour. Guides soon left the team, and in its place came talented guitarist Andreas kisser. In 1987, he released the CD "Schizophrenia", which, thanks to the fighters of the type "Escape To The Void" and "Inquisition Symphony" and gorgeous production work proclaim to the world the birth of the Brazilian metal.

Style "Sepultura" has changed markedly, and the team made a bias towards thrash metal with the influence of "Slayer" and "Metallica". In Europe "Schizophrenia" came in the form of a bootleg, but the case was then put on a formal basis, and the team signed a contract with the Dutch branch of the "Roadrunner". Despite a limited budget, to produce the debut work of the group on this label was invited to the famous American brutalist Scott burns. The release of "Beneath The Remains", katapuljtirovalisj "gravediggers" in the higher League thrash metal, the team went to their first world tour, during which she had to share the stage with such monsters of heavy metal like "Metallica", "Motorhead" and "Sodom".

grave meanwhile at home "Sepultura" were national heroes and that is why the second festival "Rock In Rio" appeared in the status of the headliners. Unfortunately, the rapid success had a downside. At the concert in Sao Paulo, where the group performed in front of 40-thousand audience, killed one of the spectators, and because of this team for a long time no longer appeared on the Brazilian sites. Except the tragic occasion of a tour in support of "Arise" is successful, and "Sepultura" discovered such areas as Greece, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. In 1993, the band released the landmark album "Chaos A. D.", which diluted their brutal sound national Brazilian rhythms (the germs of this direction appeared on "Arise"). Special recognition was given to the song "Territory", the video for which won the "MTV Video Music Awards". Soon after "Sepultura" became the first Brazilian team to reach Russia and the first Latin American band that appeared at the festival "Monsters Of Rock" in Donington. On the next album, the band has continued to develop the national tribal vein that clearly indicated from the title – "Roots". Very popular here used the song "Roots Bloody Roots", "Attitude" and especially "Ratamahatta", the video for which was received at the Brazilian MTV award for "Best rock video".

Everything went well until the band Manager, who also was the wife of max, not dead son. Igor, Andreas and Paulo reacted to this with understanding and remaining contract gigs played together. Over time, however, the musicians and management have ceased to find common language, the situation escalated, and Max decided to leave the band. First, the vocals tried to execute Andreas, but for him it was too complicated. A long search for a frontman was successful only in 1998, when the team appeared to derrick green. He fit in the team, and although continuing ethno-style predecessors albums, "Against" and "Nation" had such commercial success as her previous works, fans of "Sepultura" attitude to the new soloist loyally.

grave Confirmation of the established popularity of the Brazilian team was the appearance at its sessions and concerts of figures such as Jason Newsted, Mike Patton and jello Biafra. In 2003 the group returned with a new contract from the "SPV" and Studio album "Roorback". The album received good reviews and entered the charts "Billboard", but sales remained at a low level. In November 2005, there appeared the first official live album, "Live In Sao Paolo" issued on both CD and DVD (in 2002-m "Roadrunner" threw in the sale is also recorded with max live "Under A Pale Grey Sky", but because it did, without the consent of the group, "Sepultura" has not included it in his discography). Four months later, the market entered the Studio album "Dante XXI". This album was not in vain, as he was inspired by "the divine Comedy" by Dante set forth by Brazilian musicians in thrash manner. Most critics recognized the "Dante XXI" the best work of the green period, but soon the band's fans waiting for a surprise. Between brothers Cavalier has been warming, and rumors about the reunion of classical composition "Sepultura". Max and Igor really reunited, but in the project "Cavalera Conspiracy", while "grave" became drummer Jean Dolabella.

In 2009, the updated team has released the second concept, "A-Lex", taking this time based on the book "a Clockwork orange". And although the album contained early thrash metal and later groove metal with hardcore elements, and a signature tribal percussion, the audience reacted to beschweren composition with suspicion. However, in the future, the students got used to the current state of Affairs, and when the band debuted at the "Nuclear Blast" with the program "Kairos", they don't even pay attention to manifested craving for Indastrial and put the album good ratings. Almost immediately after the release of Dolabella retreated, and the thirteenth Studio album with a surprisingly long title, "The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart" tapped the young drummer Eloy Casagrande.

Belligerent Intent - The Crucifire (2016)
Death Metal, Black Metal
Belligerent Intent - The Crucifire
November 11th, 2016
Track list:
1. Repent the Flesh
2. Tyrants of Slaughter 04:32
3. Diabolical Sacrilege
4. The Second Death
5. Burning Halls of Damnation
6. Menacing in Hate
7. Tortured Redeemer
8. Be the Victorious
9. The Crucifire
Death Requisite - Revisitation (2016)
Melodic Death Metal
Death Requisite - Revisitation (2016)
November 25th, 2016
Track list:
1. Revisitation
2. Vivens Sanctuarium
3. Veneration
4. Nova Creatione
5. Redemptio Per Deicide
6. Castigation
7. Recapitulation
Kreator - Gods Of Violence (2017)
Thrash Metal
Kreator - Gods Of Violence (2017)
January 27th, 2017
Track list:
1. Apocalypticon
2. World War Now
3. Satan Is Real
4. Totalitarian Terror
5. Gods Of Violence
6. Army Of Storms
7. Hail To The Hordes
8. Lion With Eagle Wings
9. Fallen Brother
10. Side By Side
11. Death Becomes My Light

This group included the big three of German thrash metal, formed in 1982 under the name "Tormentor". Under this guise was recorded the first two demos, after which the name was changed to "Kreator". The core of the team was Miland "Mille" Petrozza (guitar, vocals), j?rgen "Ventor" Reil (drums, vocals) and Rob Fioretti (bass), and from time to time they were joined by some other guitar player. In 1985, the team made a deal with Noise Records and debuted with the album "Endless Pain". This album influenced many of the black and death-the team that was different from subsequent works by the fact that most vocals on it performed not Petrozza and rail. Shortly before the recording of the second full length album part of the "Kreator" added guitarist Jorg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski, and since then, the team was able to tour (prior to that, she managed to play just five concerts).

In 1986, he released the CD "Pleasure To Kill", recognized by the rock community, classic thrash. One of the most popular things was the song "Flag Of Hate" included the title track on the eponymous EP. Meanwhile, the "Kreator" continued to develop in artistic terms, as demonstrated by the album "Terrible Certainty". Compositions and arrangements have become more complex and sophisticated, but not without hits, which was the song "Behind The Mirror".

the Creator of the popularity of the group grew significantly, and in 1988 the musicians got an additional contract from the "Epic Records". The CD "Extreme Aggression" was recorded in California with producer Randy burns ("Megadeth"), and in support of it filled MTV in heavy rotation the video for "Betrayer". Sales of the album were quite high, however, despite this fact, from "Kreator" left Thrice. It was replaced by the ex-guitarist of "Sodom" Frank "Blackfire" Blackfire, and after a North American tour with the "Suicidal Tendencies", the Quartet returned to the Studio, where the musicians were waiting for the same burns. Material "Coma Of Souls" looked a little unfinished, but nevertheless, things like "People Of The Lie" came to the public's liking. With the onset of the 90s, many thrashers ("Metallica", "Megadeth", "Anthrax") began to experiment with sound, and this fashion is not bypassed and "Kreator".

Released in 1992 CD "Renewal" gave an industrial flavor, for which the team paid criticism from longtime fans. Demand for the concerts has fallen markedly, and the musicians tried to save the day with a tour of South America. Meanwhile, Rob Fioretti wants to live a settled life, and he lost his job, Andreas Herz. However, the new bass player and failed to contribute to the discography of "Kreator" as the team at that time was busy fighting with Noise Records.

Creator When the team failed to get out of her contract with the label and go under the roof "Gun Records", Hertz had vanished and picked up the baton Christian Ghisler. By the way, at that time there was another replacement, and behind the drum kit came to Joe Cangelosi (ex-"Whiplash"). In 1995, the new configuration has produced the album "Cause For Conflict", which, though contained industrial chips, but still sounded harder than its predecessor. By the beginning of regular sessions for drums returned Ventor, and Blackfire handed tool Tommy Vetterli (ex-At). On "Outcast" and "Endorama" the band once again doing experiments with sound, using electronics, and on the second of these releases as a guest appeared Tilo Wolff ("Lacrimosa").

I must say that all the throwing the team won no popularity, and its sale has decreased to a minimum. A return to the pure thrash happened in the beginning of the third Millennium, when Tommy replaced Finn Or Sami, Sirnio, and the Quartet have registered on the "Steamhammer Records". With the help of producer Andy Sneap (ex-"Sabbat") group of fans are made in a classic style albums "Violent Revolution" and "Enemy Of God", and the interval between them, the light appeared Live album "Live Kreation".

Gévaudan - Litost (2016)
Doom Metal
United kingdom
Gévaudan - Litost (2016)
November 23rd, 2016
Track list:
1. Wastes Eternal
2. The Ninth Circle
3. Lord of Decay
Boreworm - Entomophobia (2016)
Progressive Death Metal
Boreworm - Entomophobia (2016)
November 19th, 2016
Track list:
1. Synapse
2. Esoteric
3. Vile Husk
4. Entomophobia
Children of the Reptile - 4 Weapons (2016)
Heavy Metal
Children of the Reptile - 4 Weapons
November 19th, 2016
Track list:
1. Arrival of the Dark Child
2. 4 Weapons
3. Sieg Zeon!
4. Goblin's Treasures
Heavy Temple - Chassit (2016)
Psychedelic Doom Metal
Heavy Temple - Chassit (2016)
November 19th, 2016
Track list:
1. Key and Bone 04:36
2. Ursa Machina 08:12
3. Pink Glass 08:42
4. In the Court of the Bastard King 05:49
Hellripper - Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem (2016)
Black Metal, Speed Metal
United kingdom
Hellripper - Complete and Total Fucking
November 18th, 2016
Track list:
Side A
1. Flesh Ripper 01:54
2. Total Mayhem 03:06
3. Black Mass Sacrifice 02:09
4. Trial by Fire 02:16
5. Hell's Rock 'n' Roll 02:21
6. Armed with the End 02:09
Side B
7. Full Moon Witchery 03:14
8. Nekroslut 02:11
9. Mephistophelian Dreams 02:46
10. Blood on the Cross 02:01
11. Nuclear Hell 02:17
12. Nocturnal Terror 02:34
Rainbow - Memories in Rock - Live in Germany (2016)
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
United kingdom
Rainbow - Memories in Rock - Live in
November 18th, 2016
Track list:
Disc 1
1. Highway Star
2. Spotlight Kid
3. Mistreated
4. 16th Century Greensleeves
5. Since You Been Gone (Russ Ballard cover)
6. Man on the Silver Mountain
7. Catch the Rainbow
8. Difficult to Cure (Beethoven's Ninth)
9. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover)
10. Stargazer
Disc 2
1. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
2. Child in Time / Woman from Tokyo (Deep Purple cover)
3. Black Night (Deep Purple cover)
4. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
Cross Vault - Miles to Take (2016)
Doom Metal
Cross Vault - Miles to Take (2016)
November 18th, 2016
Track list:
1. A Hand Moving Mountains 07:42
2. Miles to Take 07:33
Divine Wind - Reunion (2016)
Melodic Power Metal, Speed Metal
Divine Wind - Reunion (2016)
November 16th, 2016
Track list:
1. Scars on Soul instrumental
2. Reunion
3. Initial Explode
4. Etude instrumental
5. Dying
6. Anima
7. Time
8. Beyond the Fake
9. Tragedy
10. Art of Genocide
11. Immortal Flame instrumental
12. Guilty and Beauty
13. Braver
14. 君への想い
15. We Rock
16. 限りあるが故の想い
17. Requiem instrumental
18. Beautiful Sand
19. Darkness Aggression
20. I Still...
21. Prelude (J.S.Bach 無伴奏チェロ組曲第1番より)
Blazon Stone - Ready for Boarding (2016)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal
Blazon Stone - Ready for Boarding (2016)
November 15th, 2016
Track list:
1. Ready for Boarding 04:30
2. The Diamonds Curse
3. Hunting for Gold
4. Lost and Alone

My Dying Bride - A Harvest of Dread (2016)
Gothic Metal, Doom Metal
United kingdom
My Dying Bride - A Harvest of Dread
December 9th, 2016
Track list:
Disc 1
1. Vast Choirs
2. The Thrash Of Naked Limbs
3. The Snow In My Hands
4. Black Voyage
5. Apocalypse Woman
6. The Light At The End Of The World
7. Feel The Misery
Disc 2
1. Like a Perpetual Funeral
2. Two Winters Only
3. My Hope, The Destroyer
4. I Cannot Be Loved
5. A Doomed Lover
6. You Are Not The One Who Loves Me
7. And Then You Go
Disc 3 - Early Releases and Pre-production Tracks
1. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (Demo)
2. Vast Choirs (Demo)
3. The Grief of Age (Demo)
4. Catching Feathers (Demo)
5. God Is Alone
6. De Sade Soliloquy
7. The Bitterness and the Bereavement
8. The Sexuality of Bereavement
9. A Sea to Suffer In
10. From Darkest Skies
11. Your Shameful Heaven
12. The Cry of Mankind (Studio Instrumental)
Disc 4 - Pre-productions and Rarities
1. All Swept Away
2. Like Gods of the Sun
3. The Whore, the Cook, the Mother
4. An Unforgettable Journey
5. I Believe
6. On Monolith
7. Glorious Midnight
8. The Fool
9. The Child of Eternity
10. Scarborough Fair
11. Failure
12. Hollow Cathedra
Disc 5 - Live in Voorst, The Netherlands 1997
1. From Darkest Skies
2. The Cry of Mankind
3. The Dark Caress
4. For You
5. A Kiss to Remember
6. Like Gods of the Sun
7. All Swept Away
8. Your Shameful Heaven
Sacred Leather - Cassette 2016 (2016)
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Sacred Leather - Cassette 2016 (2016)
December 1st, 2016
Track list:
1. Prowling Sinner 05:46
2. The Lost Destructor / Priest of the Undoer 08:18
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